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I Saw His Face As He Fell

Al- Fatihah... lagi sekali.... berdenyut2 jantung aku lepas baca citer ni.... sedih sedih sedih 56x sedih....  baca citer 2 anggota Vat69 yg pertama gugur.....

entah lah naper aku ni sensitif sangat bila baca citer2 diorg ni.... aku rasa sedih sbb mungkin aku pun seorang isteri, seorang ibu... aku bayangkan kalau mereka itu adalah saudara terdekat ku... bayangkan kalau sebagai isteri kita baca mcm mana suami kita terkorban.... waduhhhhh sedihnya...

tengah2 baca menitik airmata aku kuar.... betapa sedih dan perwira nya diorang dalam misi diorg.... 

di bawah aku copy paste kan dari link NST.... sila lah baca....

ANGER AND SADNESS: VAT 69 commandos relive the nightmare of seeing their comrades get killed

LAHAD DATU: It was 3am and  pitch dark on the  heavily fortified beach we were on after a long, eventful day.

The previous day, security forces  had launched a massive attack on Kampung Tanduo where terrorists from Sulu had been holed up since  Feb 12. 

The fear was that they could have  broken through the security cordon and entered nearby villages.

Most of the security  personnel  around us had their eyes glued to their night vision binoculars  sweeping the waters ahead and the vast area behind us.

Our discussion on what we were planning to do later in the morning was interrupted by a security personnel who walked up from behind  unnoticed.

We stood up and turned his way, answering his “salam” that greeted  us.

The personnel, whom from then on we addressed as “Abang” asked us what we were doing there.

Our conversation revealed what many had wanted to know about what had happened on March 1, when the country was rocked by  news that two security personnel he referred to as “brothers”, were killed by the terrorists in an ambush.

Before us stood the commando  who was tasked with maintaining  the security cordon around Kampung Tanduo under Ops Sulu (now  codenamed Ops Daulat).

Initially, it seemed impossible to get Abang, whose face was weather-beaten and weary, to open up to us. He was not convinced we were  journalists until we showed him our press credentials.

It was clear to us then that as  much as he didn’t want to, as he had no authority to talk to civilians,  he wanted to defend his fellow comrades who had been accused  by some quarters as being part of a  staged “drama”.

Abang was one of roughly 40 VAT 69 commandos deployed in the first of three front lines to tighten  the security cordon.

VAT 69 is the main force. The second line is the police elite strike force, followed by the general operations force.

That morning, in a six-layer “U” formation, the VAT 69 team started  inching closer into the terrorists’  hideout in the village that was located several hundred metres from  the shore. Metres ahead of them  was an incline.

As they moved further in, personnel in the first line, which included fallen heroes Assistant Su perintendent Zulkifli Mamat, 29, and Sergeant Sabarudin Daud, 46, stopped in their tracks.

All personnel behind them, also stopped. They were suddenly face to face with several terrorists who had been hiding in a chest-deep ditch which was camouflaged with dried palm leaves.

“They all suddenly stood up and both sides had weapons trained at each other. Our brothers in front  were training their M-16s down at the terrorists... there were several  seconds of silence.

“We had instructions not to shoot  on sight as our mission was to seek and capture.

“During this stand-off, which  lasted a few seconds, we noticed more of them behind a slope, just behind the ditch.

“It was in that few seconds when their snipers from the slope shot our two brothers in the head,” he said, anger and sadness evident in his eyes.

Heavy exchange of gunfire ensued, and the commandos killed 12  terrorists.

Abang said when the shooting stopped, his team did not pursue the terrorists as they were uncertain of the enemies’ strength and numbers.

“I saw it all from where I was. I saw a glimpse of his face as he fell  back after being hit... it killed me,” he said, referring to one of his men who was shot. Abang then turned  and walked away.

As we, too, turned to walk back to  our base, we were approached by another personnel who had earlier passed us by as we were talking to Abang.

This VAT 69 commando, who  wanted to be identified only as Agus, was also part of Abang’s  team.

Pointing towards Abang, who by then had almost disappeared into the night, Agus said: “He’s very  affected by Tuan Zulkifli’s death. He saw him being shot in the head. He could not do anything but continued shooting at the enemy, even as Tuan Zulkifli’s lifeless body brushed against his leg after hitting the ground”.

Agus said the team had, for several mornings, been moving further into the village, setting up  camps as they advanced.

On that fateful morning’s mission, Agus was positioned in the  third row.

“When one of my brothers was shot in the leg during the shoot- out, my comrades in the fourth row pulled him further back.

“He was bleeding so heavily that I had to crouch to stop the bleeding with my left hand while I held my M-16 with my right hand, support ing the buttstock with my right  knee, for about half an hour.

“All this while the rest of us continued firing towards the ditch  and slope, until the enemy retreated,” he said.

At this point, another personnel who was standing close by joined us. His eyes were glistening with tears of anger when he told us how he felt with regard to the accusations that the Kampung Tanduo ambush was a political ploy. His demeanour changed.

It was difficult for both of us to hold back our emotions when this six-foot commando, whose face  was thick in grime, cried as he told us this: “It is something that will haunt you forever, seeing the lifeless bodies of your comrades mutilated. Imagine holding a family  member whose body had been mutilated, in your arms.

“One of them was my former squad member, who had a full life ahead of him,”  said the personnel  who was assigned to the water village in Kampung Seri Jaya,  Simunul in Semporna, to retrieve  the bodies of six personnel killed there during an ambush last Sat urday.

In the two separate ambushes, eight members of the security  forces were killed.
Aku terkesan dgn ayat ke 3 yg aku kaler kan....  “I saw it all from where I was. I saw a glimpse of his face as he fell  back after being hit... it killed me,”

Bukan setakat Abang yg bercerita tu yg terkesan, aku yg baca pun boleh nangis2 sampai budak opis ni, Azhar suh Shahrul pasang lagu Bukit Kepong sebb nampak aku nangis.... 
Abang yg bercerita ni marah sangat bila ramai sangat yg mengutuk2 anggota kita sampai terpaksa citer untuk bagi buka mata orang luar faham situasi diorang.... aku pun tak paham lah diorg ni.... apasal lah sanggup mengutuk misi diorg..... kalau kat fesbuk tu, masyaallah.... mcm2 diorg cerita.... 

tapi, 90% kawan2 aku semua sokong PDRM dan ATM kita.... dan aku rasa tiba2 je semangat kecintaan pada negara timbul dengan kejadian ini.... 

kawan2 chinese aku semua senyap... aku rasa mungkin sebab perwira kita banyak melayu maka diorg tak ada perasaan pun nak komen pasal ini.... kena gak hantar sorang dua anggota cina bagi balance.... kan?
apa pun, aku tetap sokong mereka yg mempertahankan negara dan aku tetap akan doakan mereka dilindungi Allah swt dalam misi mereka...  

Takziah kepada keluarga yg kehilangan.... moga roh mereka tenang dan diangkat sebagai syahid dunia... amin...

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